Epic Games Faces Big Data Leak But Gamers Don’t Have To Worry About It: Here’s The Reason

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The Epic Games leak reveals details about its unreleased games.

Epic Games has a popular list of games to release in the next few months and the data leak seems to have revealed some of those details.

Epic Games has faced a major data leak this week but unlike most breaches, this one comes with a lot of exciting details for gamers and users in general. Confused? Well, the data leak primarily discloses some of the upcoming games from the developer that is usually kept hidden from the public until the final name and version is confirmed for development.

Usually data leaks come with a warning for people, asking them to be careful of possible phishing attempts that can be devised using their personal data. But this leak is different and gives you a glimpse into the future of Epic Games and what games it has in store for the next few years.

Epic Games Data Leak: What We Know

According to reports, Epic Games has acted on the website that was leaking the information of its unreleased games. The site called EpicDB was taken down but not before the details had spread like a wildfire across the game fraternity. The website talks about games from publishers like Sony, Sega, and Bethesda among others. However, the big-ticket game details seem to be shrouded under mysterious codenames.

There is a codename Momo which users hint could be the Final Fantasy 9, or Selma which could be the PC version of the Red Dead Redemption 1. There are also rumours that Utah could be the soon-to-launch PC version of The Last of Us Part 2 game.

The list of these codenames doesn’t end there and we are sure that gamers are doing their best to decipher them. Meanwhile, Epic Games has come out with an update that looks to stop sites like EpicDB from leaking more details about its unreleased games.

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