28 Free Hands-On Addition Activities and Online Games

1 + 1 = 2. It’s the basic foundation for every child’s math education and the building block to a whole world of learning. Addition is usually the first of the four operations that kids tackle, and mastering it is key to success for years to come. Try these fun addition activities in the classroom or at home to help your students become math wizards in no time!

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Hands-On Addition Activities and Games
Online Addition Games

Hands-On Addition Activities and Games


Build math block towers

Lay out flash cards, and then use blocks to create towers that answer the problems. Addition activities like this incorporate visual and hands-on techniques, honoring a variety of learning strategies.

Learn more: Math Block Towers

Two upside-down cups with the bottoms cut out mounted to a board. Student is dropping dice through them into a box below, and a math equation is written on the board
We Are Teachers

Make a dice calculator

This is bound to be a ton of fun! Kids drop a die through each cup, then add up the numbers that fall through. So simple and so enjoyable.

Learn more: Dice Calculator

Construction paper tree with a sliding number strip and red and yellow pompoms
CBC Parents

Create an addition apple tree

Hands-on addition activities really make learning stick. Learn how to make and use this adorable addition apple tree at the link.

Learn more: Addition Apple Tree

Child using colorful dot stickers to practice addition facts on a wall chart
Busy Toddler

Use stickers for hands-on practice

Sticker dots are inexpensive—you can usually pick them up at the dollar store. Little ones will really get a kick out of using them to answer a series of addition problems.

Learn more: Dot Sticker Addition Activity

Toy cars lined up in rows to represent addition problems
What Do We Do All Day?

Park and add with toy cars

Roll out the toy cars and trucks! Use them as math manipulatives as you work on addition facts.

Learn more: Parking Lot Addition

Two pipe cleaners with beads at each ends, twisted into loops, with addition equations written next to them
Creative Family Fun

Thread beads onto pipe cleaners

You can use pipe cleaners and beads for a variety of addition activities. In this one, put beads at opposite ends of a pipe cleaner, then bend them together and solve the equation.

Learn more: Pipe Cleaner Addition

Child using UNO cards and math cubes to represent addition facts
Planning Playtime

Deal Uno cards

Use Uno cards or a regular deck with the face cards removed for this addition game. Simply lay out two cards and add the numbers together!

Learn more: Uno Addition Game

Child gluing petals to a paper flower. The petals have addition facts printed on them, with the matching sum in the middle
Fantastic Fun and Learning

Cut out addition flowers

This pretty math craft gives kids a chance to work on addition activities like number bonds and mastering math facts. Get the free printable at the link.

Learn more: Flower Addition Activity

Child fingerpainting raindrops under clouds with addition facts written on them
Preschool Play and Learn

Finger-paint addition clouds

What a sweet idea! Write addition problems on clouds, then use finger paints to add the correct number of raindrops underneath. 

Learn more: Addition Clouds

Brown paper with the words
Life Over C’s
LEGO bricks laid out on a worksheet, used to demonstrate addition with regrouping
Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Practice regrouping with LEGO bricks

When you’re ready to move on to slightly more advanced addition activities, use LEGO bricks to help kids understand the concept of regrouping. (Find many more LEGO math ideas here.)

Learn more: LEGO Addition

Child holding a beach ball with numbers written on it in permanent marker
Saddle Up for 2nd Grade

Toss a beach ball

Jot numbers all over a beach ball using a Sharpie. Then, toss it to a student, and wherever their thumbs land, have them add up the two closest numbers. Ready for trickier addition activities? Add up all the numbers their fingers are touching!

Learn more: Beach Ball Math

Pool noodle cut into slices and placed around a pole. Numbers and symbols are written on each slice to represent addition facts.
We Are Teachers
Ball of playdough turned into a slider with wiggly eyes and pipe cleaner legs. One side has purple legs and the other are green. An addition fact is written on a card in front of the spider.
The Kindergarten Connection

Assemble Play-Doh addition spiders

Nothing scary about these little spiders! They’re just here to help kids practice their math facts. Insert pipe cleaner legs and find the total.

Learn more: Play Dough Spider Addition Game

Wood craft stick with colorful clothes pins clipped to it, and a plus sign written in the middle. Above is a card with an addition fact written on it.
Planning Playtime

Try mini-clothespins and wood craft sticks

This idea uses wood craft sticks and mini-clothespins. It’s a nice way to work in some fine motor skill practice too.

Learn more: Clothes Pin Addition

Addition worksheet with two dominos placed to represent addition facts
Simply Kinder

Pull out the dominoes

Here’s an easy one! Just turn dominoes sideways and they become math problems to be solved. Say them out loud, or write the equations for more practice.

Learn more: Domino Addition

Two paper bags with small toys inside each. A number have been pulled out each bag, and a paper below shows the addition equation they represent
Susan Jones Teaching

Grab a handful of toys

Kids will like the mystery element in this addition activity. Fill bags with small toys or mini erasers, then have them grab a handful from each and add them together.

Learn more: Grab Bag Addition

A printable color-by-number worksheet showing a picture of a pirate made by coloring in the answers to addition facts
The STEM Laboratory

Color by number

Pull out the crayon box—it’s time to color by number! The twist? Kids have to solve the equations first to learn the right colors to pick. Get the free printables at the link.

Learn more: Color by Code Addition

Child lining up dominos based on the numbers they add up to
Busy Toddler

Add and sort dominoes

You can do a variety of addition activities with dominoes. For this version, lay out a number line, then sort the dominoes by the sum of their two sides.

Learn more: Domino Line-Up Math Activity

Two large translucent dice with smaller dice inside

Battle it out in Double Dice War

Have you ever seen dice-in-dice? They’re so cool, and kids can’t get enough of them. Play addition war by having each student roll a die and add the numbers together. The one with the higher sum wins. Got a tie? Break it by looking at the number on the outside die.

Learn more: Dice Games and Activities

A piece of paper with two small circles and one large one. The small circles each have several pom poms in them. Also shown: two dice and a pile of colorful pom poms.
Simply Kinder

Pick up some pom-poms

Use double dice or regular ones along with a package of pom-poms for this easy addition activity. Or try it with goldfish crackers for a tasty way to learn!

Learn more: Pom-Pom Addition

Circles of cardboard with addition problems written on them, with a spatula being used to flip one
I Can Teach My Child

Flip a flash card pancake

These pancakes aren’t very tasty, but they’re definitely a clever take on traditional flash cards. Kids will have fun flipping them with a spatula to check their answers.

Learn more: Addition Pancakes

Printable worksheet for playing First to Fill addition game, with pencil, dice, and crayons
Susan Jones Teaching

Be the first to fill your grid

Get the free printable game boards for this fun addition game at the link. Kids roll the dice and try to be the first to make sums that fill in their grids.

Learn more: Fill Your Grid

Free Online Addition Games

Online math game with a grid of numbers. As each correct answer is selected, it reveals part of a mystery picture.
Math Playground

Addition Puzzle Pics

Click and drag the puzzle pieces to answer the math questions, revealing a cool picture at the end. There are multiple versions for different skills and levels, and you can change the target sums too.

Play it: Puzzle Pics

Pacman board with ghosts that have addition sums printed on them
Math Game Time

Math Pac-Man

Classic arcade game meets math! You’ll have to think fast to solve the equation and eat the right ghost. Try this one in pairs with one student solving and the other moving Pac-Man as fast as they can.

Play it: Math Pac-Man

Screenshot from Canoe Puppies online math game
Math Playground

Canoe Puppies

Can your puppy-filled canoe beat the others to the finish line? Solve the equations quickly to paddle your way to victory. Students practice two-digit addition with this game.

Play it: Canoe Puppies

Plus 10 online math game showing columns of colored blocks with numbers in them
Cool Math Games

Plus 10

What if the ever-popular game Candy Crush was educational too? Wish granted! Match two squares to make 10, and they disappear from the board. This one will keep kids clicking (and practicing math facts) for hours.

Play it: Plus 10

Screenshot of online math game showing spiral of numbered beads and a central number ball shooter
Math Playground

Number Bonds

Choose a target sum between 10 and 20. Then, aim and shoot the center number ball at one of the balls circling the track to make the target sum. Repeat until all the balls are gone.

Play it: Number Bonds to 20

Looking for more smart ways to teach addition? Check out Number Bond Activities To Help Kids Develop Number Sense.

Addition skills pave the way for years of math learning. Find fun, free hands-on and online addition activities, games, and printables.

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