Call Recording Comes To iPhones With iOS 18 Thanks To Apple Intelligence Tech: What We Know

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iOS 18 update coming to iPhone users in 2024 will get this AI-powered feature

Apple has blocked access to third-party call recording apps but with AI the company is bringing the feature to its premium iPhone lineup.

iOS 18 is getting a design overhaul and some of the basic features that have been on Android for years are also coming with the new version. But Apple is finally ready to offer call recording and transcription features for iPhone users this year.

That’s right, the iOS 18 update coming later this year will let you record calls and also get AI-powered summary of these calls along with full transcription if needed. Apple has predominantly blocked access to third-party recording apps for many years, so this change suggests it is sure of how the data is processed.

We have seen Truecaller recently introduce its own AI-powered call recording feature that also helps you with call summaries and transcription that works to a good effect and we have independently tested its performance. Apple Intelligence is likely to be at the centre of the company’s own push for call recording but the AI integration means you will have to invest in the latest iPhone 15 Pro or the upcoming iPhone 16 versions.

iOS 18 Call Recording Update: How It Works

iOS 18 features were previewed at the WWDC 2024 keynote on Monday and call recording was part of the slides that Apple showed during the event. As you can see here, call recording is visible with a record band layered over the contact page when you are on a call.

The transcribed version of the call is likely to be offered in the Notes app once you end the conversation. You will also have the option to summarise the call rather than going through the full transcript based on your need. Apple will automatically inform the person at the other end that the call is being recorded. Like most of the AI features from Apple that we saw this week, call recording is likely to run on iPhone 15 Pro or higher versions which means if you own the older iPhones, you still don’t have an option to record these calls.

Apple has also mentioned that audio transcription for the calls will only support

English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Portuguese for now, with others expected to be added in the future updates.

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