Energy bills to remain high for six years

Energy bills are expected to remain high for at least six years, owing to delays to the construction of nuclear plants, according to analysis from market intelligence firm Cornwall Insight.

As it stands the UK is held back by historic power stations.

The cost of electricity generators to maintain a stable supply is predicted to nearly treble to £51 per kilowatts by the end of the decade, up from the current rate of £18.

Dan Capstick, mortgage product manager at Ecology Building Society, said: “With little respite from high energy costs, improving the energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock – the oldest and least insulated in Europe – is essential to reduce the burden of energy bills and help meet our national net zero targets.

“We’d like to see more financial incentives for homeowners to fit low carbon heating systems, or even on-site renewable energy generation where this is appropriate.

 “Overall, Ecology supports a fabric first approach for new homes and large retrofit projects, to reduce energy demand through high levels of insulation and air tightness, using of low carbon and durable materials.

“In the UK we need to show greater imagination and innovation to consider non-standard construction methods and materials, such as off-site construction, to diversify our housing stock and create homes with lower carbon emissions and cheaper fuel bills.”

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