Family Was Planning On Using The Pool, But They Found It Was Already ‘Occupied’

On a particularly sweltering summer morning, the Basso family of Rockaway Township, New Jersey, witnessed a charming and unexpected sight right in their own backyard. In an almost surreal moment, they observed a family of black bears – a common sight in the region, but not in this context – seeking respite from the heat. The bears, led by their instincts to cool off, had ingeniously chosen the Bassos’ swimming pool as their oasis.

The family, amazed and delighted by this rare interaction with nature, managed to capture footage of the bear family playfully enjoying the water, splashing and relaxing just like any human family might on a hot day. This unique encounter highlights the sometimes surprising ways in which wildlife interacts with human environments, especially during extreme weather conditions.


Image/Story Source Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube Video


In this clip shared by the family, we see the mama bear and her 5 cubs totally enjoying the refreshing pool and other play accessories lying around in the backyard. So while some of the bear cubs wrestle each other in the pool, the rest get busy working out the family’s swing and slide set.

As for the mama bear, she nonchalantly oversees her kids while lounging in the cool rejuvenating water!


Image/Story Source Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube Video


We love how each member of the Basso family had their own unique perspective of the bear visit in the background conversation. Their little kid was thrilled at first but later got pretty stressed about the bear cubs “stealing” her floaties. Dad seemed equally bummed upon realizing that the bears were probably poking holes in the pool.

However, Mom was surely having a blast witnessing the rare bear adventure unfolding in front of her eyes.


Image/Story Source Credit: Inside Edition via YouTube Video

Despite the overall wholesomeness of the bear family’s fun pool party, there is a moment that causes the Bassos to panic. The mama bear grabs the pool’s plugged-in electric pump and starts fiddling around with it, even bringing it in contact with the water.

Luckily, the situation was brought under control and everyone was safe and sound! Do keep your volume up for this delightful clip!

Click the video below to watch the bear family adorably wrecking the backyard as they beat the heat!

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