Instagram Now Allows You To Post Short Videos As Notes: All Details

Users can now add short looping video using Notes. (Image: Meta)

While this feature won’t replace Instagram Stories, it is a new way to share quick 2 second status updates with your close friends and mutuals.

Instagram continues to add new features that enhance the user experience, ensuring that it remains relevant and functional for its users. Now, the popular Meta-owned app has introduced the ability to post video notes.

It must be noted that video notes aren’t a replacement for Instagram Stories, as the name suggests, because video notes can only be up to 2 seconds long. However, you may add captions to your short videos.

Instagram has also introduced more ways to reply to notes from your friends and family. This includes photos, GIFs, videos, stickers, and even audio messages. It is worth noting that when you reply to an Instagram note, the other party will see your reply as a DM, and only your mutual followers and close friends will be able to see your notes.

That said, Adam Mosseri first revealed the existence of this feature back in October of this year when he explained how the new feature would work in a video shared on his broadcast channel.

“New test on Instagram. This week, we started testing the ability to post selfie videos in notes. Soon, people will be able to update their default profile photo in notes with a short, looping video. You’ll still be able to share a thought via text to accompany the video. If you start seeing videos in notes, let us know what you think,” Mosseri said.

Instagram first introduced the notes feature in September 2022, and since then, the feature has been popular, with users even sharing songs.

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