Microsoft Will Extend Support For Windows 10 Updates But Only If Users Are Willing To Pay

Last Updated: December 06, 2023, 16:26 IST

Redmond, Washington State, USA

Windows 10 version loses official support in 2025 but you can avoid that

Windows 10 loses official support in the next two years after which people will have to upgrade their PCs but Microsoft has another option.

Microsoft has some good news for Windows PC users, especially those still using the old Windows 10 version on their systems. As you might know, Windows 10 loses its official support from the company in 2025 which is just a few years away now.

But Microsoft is making sure that if someone wants to continue using the Windows version they can do that and get support via multiple security updates. So how is this possible?

Microsoft has always offered a special security package for businesses which allows them to continue using older Windows versions for an annual fee. The company’s Extended Security Updates (ESU) is a program where customers get security updates till the time they are paying the fee to Microsoft to keep Windows 10 running.

Upgrading to a new version can be costlier for companies, as they have to upgrade the machines which is never affordable. So, instead of them paying for the new PCs, Microsoft lets them prolong the use of the Windows platform for a few more years.

And now, the company is bringing the ESU for individual Windows PC users if they pay an annual fee for the next three years after October 14, 2025. “If you are an individual consumer or an organisation who elects to continue using Windows 10 after support ends on October 14, 2025, you will have the option of enrolling your PC in the paid Extended Security Updates (ESU) program,” Microsoft mentions on its support page.

Some of you might feel like extending Windows 10 support isn’t the worst idea which avoids the process of choosing and upgrading to a Windows 11-compatible PC for another few years. But we still don’t know how much Microsoft is going to ask from you for these extra security updates and how long will it extend the support for.

Microsoft decided to limit the number of existing Windows PCs that can be upgraded to Windows 11 because of its specific requirements. Millions of Windows 10 PCs have been rendered upgradeable but if they can pay a fee to extend for another few years, most of these people might sign up and eventually Microsoft wins from an almost losing situation.

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