Netflix viewers outraged over ‘disgusting’ incest scene in new Christmas movie | Films | Entertainment

One viewer wrote: “Marks a real low point body-swap comedies as it steals from all others before it without compunction. But you can thank your lucky stars they don’t go for the lowest hanging fruit: incest jokes.”

“Just kidding. Those are there. I had you,” they added.

Another viewer commented: “The incest in Family Switch was NOT needed.”

A third viewer said: “The random incest in Family Switch caught me so off guard.”

Another said: “Netflix’s movie Family Switch has implied incest. @netflix How did that advance the plot? And why would you put this in a holiday movie marketed as family-friendly?”

Despite the outrage, Jennifer seemed to be in good spirits at the premiere of her latest film this week, putting on an animated display on the red carpet.

Jennifer, 51, is part of the cast of the comedy film Family Switch, which is now available on Netflix. She stars alongside Ed, 49, and Rita, 91, in the project.

The film premiered in Los Angeles, California, on Wednesday. Some of the cast, including Jennifer – known for films like 13 Going on 30 (2004) and Elektra (2005), attended the event.

Jennifer playfully posed on the red carpet at the AMC The Grove 14, where the event was held.

She was seen laughing and dancing with some of her colleagues, clearly enjoying herself at the premiere.

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