Shelter Dog ‘Whips’ Head Around When Woman Calls Him By His Real Name

When animals go missing, we can only hope and pray they will wind up back home! In this tale, we meet a dog named Kano, affectionately known as Skillet, who found himself under the care of DeKalb County Animal Services in Georgia. After five months of waiting, despite his friendly and lovable nature, Kano was still without a forever home. Due to space constraints at the DeKalb County shelter, Kano was moved to LifeLine Animal Project’s adoption center in Atlanta, a decision that would serendipitously lead him back to his original family.

Lifeline Animal Project/Facebook

LifeLine Animal Project shared the joyful news on their Facebook page, announcing, “Kano, formerly known as Skillet to his shelter family, has found his way home! He found the best outcome; being reunited with his family!” This reunion came about when Kano’s “grandmother,” the mother of his previous owner, discovered his photo on the shelter’s website after feeling compelled to search for their lost pet.

The woman recounted that her son had raised Kano in the Blue Ridge Mountains from puppyhood, describing him as the most loving dog. However, when her son enlisted in the Army, family circumstances forced her to rehome Kano, but then he went missing. “But not long after, I just had an intuitive sense that I needed to look for him,” she shared with LifeLine Animal Project. Following her intuition led her to LifeLine’s website, where she joyously found Kano and quickly made arrangements to visit him.

Lifeline Animal Project/Facebook

Kano knew instantly that this woman was his family and whipped his head around when she called him by his real name. It brought tears of joy to the volunteers’ eyes. Everyone celebrated Kano and his grandma’s reunion.

The woman expressed her deep connection with Kano, regretting their separation but hoping he understands her love. “I knew in my soul he needed me; it’s like he was calling me somehow. I know that sounds crazy. I tell him every day I’m sorry I was doing the best I could do at the time and I love him so much! I still feel the guilt, but I hope he knows and feels my love for him,” she explained in LifeLine Animal Project’s Facebook post.

Lifeline Animal Project/Facebook

With a happy resolution, the woman had recently acquired a house with a fenced backyard for Kano to enjoy. Although her son, about to be deployed, hasn’t seen Kano in person again, their FaceTime interactions are filled with happiness. Kano’s journey demonstrates how, sometimes, the road to the right destination involves traversing many paths.

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