This Highly Rated Levoit Humidifier Has Over 45,000 5-Star Reviews. Get It At 25% Off.

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We’re in the thick of spring, which means allergies are bullying many of us. While your allergy medication is hopefully keeping your sinuses clean, we also shouldn’t sleep on helpful ways to improve our home environments for potential longer-term relief. Enter the top-fill humidifier from Levoit, which loads of reviewers say helped relieve them of various environmental sensitivities. Right now, you can grab one to mystify your home for only $29.96 — 25% off its typical retail price.

The compact device sprays a cool mist into the air, humidifying the environment for hours. Over 45,000 reviewers gave this nifty gadget a 5-star rating, noting that they’ve experienced relief from seasonal allergies, severe dry eye, hacking coughs, and so much more.

The humidifier is an ideal size for small spaces and easy portability, meaning you can set it on a bedside table or under a desk in your office space to breathe in its moisture. An adjustable nozzle at the top lets you angle its mist in any direction, while the knob controls the misting output. You can fill its 2.5-liter tank by pouring water into the top, making it a hassle-free alternative to other options that require flipping, twisting, and turning to replenish.

It’s easy as can be. Or, as customer ParadoxLive says, “If that’s all you want; ease of use, easy cleaning, and moist air, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab one on sale.”

One of its most convenient features is the auto-off setting, which powers the humidifier down when empty. Several reviewers say this feature is most helpful when using it overnight through sleep. They also note that its lack of a light source makes it a soothing bedside companion. Levoit claims this humidifier can last up to 25 hours while on the low setting and on a full tank.

If you get springtime sniffles, suffer from a dry indoor living space, or even just need to create a more humid setting for your plants, by the way — then you might want to grab the Levoit while it’s marked down to under $40.

Read on for more promising reviews of this Levoit 2.5-liter humidifier:

“Needed for baby’s room. It’s easy to clean which is a huge plus. It doesn’t have any lights, and doesn’t make any sounds. Perfect for nursery when you need a dark and quiet room. I do wish the tank was larger but doesn’t take away from it.” — Heather G.

“We own an older home and anyone who owns one knows there are a variety of problems that you deal with that are different in a newer home. Even after new windows and insulation being installed the humidity in the home was never sustained. I bought the cheap humidifiers and they didnt work. My house was so dry and the wooden floors were taking a beaten so i decided why not try one of these Levoit humidifiers. What do i have to lose? The result was amazing. The first day i noticed a significant difference. I then decided to put one in my living room, dining room, and my sons room. Mind you they are all different sizes but they are all Levoit and were under $100. They all have an automatic setting that keeps the humidity in that room at a certain level. Once reached it cuts off and comes back on without you ever doing anything. Breathing is so much easier especially when you have allergies. Whenever our bose starts to get dry i know i need to check water levels and then its all resolved just like that. If you are wondering should you buy do it you wont regret it.” — Naomi H.

“I’ve had two running nearly non-stop for three weeks, creating the tropical environment I need for several of my plants. In Tucson, humidifiers are a must for tropical plants, and getting above 50% can be a struggle. With two of these covering a 6′ x 6′ space, I’ve got a corner that averages 65% – 70% humidity.” — ParadoxLive

“I’ve owned around 5 different humidifiers in the last 30 years. This is one is by for the best I’ve ever used. I use mine in the bedroom to help with dryness and allergies. It is extremely quiet. If you are awake in the middle of the night you might hear an occasional brief but very quiet gurgle (air bubble). Set the desired humidity level and it will cycle on and off to keep it there. I have mine set at 55% humidity and it seems perfect for me. Mine runs around 10 hours a day and I have to refill it every 5 days or so. I use reverse osmosis filtered water and there is no musty smell in the tank. I’ve been using it 4 months and hope it lasts. I did purchase the extended warranty through Amazon just in case.” — John W.

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