Xiaomi Update: CEO Lei Jun Shares Important Updates About Xiaomi’s Upcoming HyperOS With New Logo and New EV Ecosystem ‘Human X Car X Home’; Check Complete Details

Mumbai, December 27: Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has announced two important updates for its new “Xiaomi HyperOS” and “Human X Car X Home”. The CEO announced that the new HyperOS will launch with a new logo. The company shared an image of the logo with this text, “It’s a galaxy of dots, swirling together like ideas and connections in our digital universe. People and devices in the dot matrix flow freely and connect seamlessly in our HyperOS world, like stars in the real universe.”

Xiaomi CEO also shared another important update related to upcoming launch of Xiaomi EV on its “Human X Car X Home”. Xiaomi has been building a seamless and connected user experience for the users. He said Human X Car X Home, Xiaomi’s smart EV ecosystem will help connect people, cars, and homes. The company said it would be “in a way that’s never seen before.” ‘Xiaomi EV Technology Launch’ Event Scheduled on December 28, Company To Hint at Its New EV Technology.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun’s Post on X About Xiaomi HyperOS and Xioami EV Ecosystem:

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun further wrote, “We’re committed to creating a truly human-centred ecosystem.” He said that the technology should be designed to serve people rather than the other way around. Another major update the Xiaomi CEO shared was about its AI-powered intelligence centre, “Xiaomi HyperMind”, which is designed to learn from the users’ daily habits. Apple Files Appeal After Biden Administration Allows US Trade Tribunal’s Ban on Watch Series 9, Ultra 2.

In November, Xiaomi unveiled its new SU7 electric car, making a giant leap from smartphone sectors into automobiles. The company announced its upcoming “Xiaomi EV Technology Launch” event on December 28 and will introduce the new technology for its EVs. According to reports, Xiaomi will integrate its upcoming Xiaomi HyperOS and introduce many other features. Xiaomi’s CEO posted that they have designed the HyperOS to be more inclusive and open for all users after exploring 12 sectors and 99 sub-sectors.

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