Lodge’s Dutch Oven Is On Sale For 27% Off At Amazon

I purchased this dutch oven about 6 months ago and I have to say – I’m still impressed. Originally I was going to purchase a Le Cruset, but thought to myself, “Hey, let’s just attempt to save the money”, and ohhhhh was it worth it. This is such a great investment. The nonstick surface is truly nonstick and completely deglazes with the addition of any acidity. There were a couple of instances where I was SURE the bottom would come out scorched, but to my surprise it was still in pristine condition. Also, I haven’t experienced any trouble with rusting or chipping as I read in previous reviews. The lid when on is completely air tight.

This unit also heats evenly whether in the oven or on the stove. Just remember to adjust the heat accordingly because once it gets hot it does stay hot for a while. For this unit I would recommend using wooden utensils. Metal would most likely scrape the bottom and damage it and the heat that it generates may affect some of the rubber utensils.

Overall this is a GREAT find and I would definitely recommend it. Even if you think you don’t have a use for it – you can literally use this for everything – deep fry, pan fry, boil, sear, poach, steam, sautè….. LITERALLY everything….” — Russell

“I was getting bombarding by homemade bread making videos on social media and finally decided to buy a Dutch oven. After researching alllll the options, it came down to affordability and durability. When I found this Lodge Dutch oven, I immediately loved the neutral white color and the fact that the top can be baked to high temps too. Even if it doesn’t last me twenty plus years, it has so far proven to be durable and did a great job allowing me to cook a new homemade sourdough bread recipe. Can’t wait to try it for some more non-bread recipes, too. Overall, great product at a great price point!” — JS2010

I think I’ll be able to cook just about anything I want in it. From braised chicken or pork adobo, all the way to simple things like soups and fried eggs. Even for boiling water, if I ever need to boil a lot of it. And let’s not forget, the enamel makes it real easy to clean. The good thing is that I have a big kitchen sink; so there’s little risk of me accidentally knocking the side and chipping the enamel. So very pleased with this product.” — LEWK

“I had been shopping for a cast iron replacement for an older non-stick dutch oven we were looking to replace. I spent a few days debating between a straight cast iron DO vs the enameled DO. Having now spent a few months cooking with this and seeing how much easier cleanup is compared to the cast iron pans we use, am i glad I spent the extra dollars to go with the enameled. We’ve made stews, cooked rice, made bread, and cooked soups. The 6 qt handles it all like a champ and cleanup for all types of cooking is a breeze.” — Amazon Customer

I purchased the Lagoon colored 6qt Dutch Oven and I absolutely LOVE IT! I have already made bread, stew, pasta and have only had it a little over a week. I was hesitant at first due to the cost, but it is so worth it as I will never have to buy another one again. I love all my lodge cast iron skillets, so I was very aware of the quality of Lodge products. Mine was not chipped, cracked and everything was as advertised. It is on the heavy side, but it’s cast iron it’s going to be heavy. I shall be using it this weekend to make a Roast and I have no doubt it will be wonderful! I highly recommend this Dutch Oven and any LODGE products. I love this company and the products they produce as well as the fact that they stand behind their products.” — Wanda Wesner

“I love my lilac purple Dutch oven. Not overly heavy, cleans like a dream, and is the perfect size for sourdough bread! You have to hack it first and understand the vessel which is the Dutch oven though. For example: heat the whole thing up on the stove until water makes little bubbles and dances off the bottom of the pan and evaporates when given a little splash, that’s how you’ll know you can add your oil or fat and cook whatever you like without sticking! That’s of course unless it’s burnt/burning. That’s different. Cleaning for another example is just a swish around with warm salt water or if you have a stain that’s particularly hard to get off, baking soda and water for 8-10 minutes on a low simmer should have you looking like new again. I can tell the difference between a steak cooked the same way on my Rachel ray teflon pans vs. my Dutch oven. I feel like after some good use and accumulated “seasoning” of my Dutch oven, my food tastes better when compared to my old cooking. It also makes me feel better than it’s non-toxic and I’m not putting forever chemicals in my body like with other materials. Only con, the handles get really hot and if you forget that the handles get just as hot as the rest of the pot, you’ll get badly burnt. I’m not sure if there’s any way around that other than having your oven mits around throughout the whole cooking session.” — Olivia Carroll

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