Taylor Swift fans brand her a ‘witch’ as she ‘controls’ weather in Liverpool | Music | Entertainment

TayVooDoo strikes again as temperatures at Taylor Swift’s gig hit her lucky number 13C.

The chart-topping songstress is set to dazzle fans in Liverpool this week, despite the chilly, gloomy weather conditions.

Devotees were quick to spot the temperature dipping to 13 – a digit famously favoured by Taylor, marking her birth date on December 13th.

The number 13 has become synonymous with the star, with fans often emulating her early tour habit of writing it on their hands as they flock to her shows.

So, when the thermometer read 13 during Taylor’s landmark 100th performance of the Eras Tour, supporters were spellbound, jokingly accusing her of witchcraft.

It’s not the first time cosmic coincidences have played into the narrative of the Fortnight vocalist’s life.

“Never beating the witch allegations I fear,” said one fan on X (formerly Twitter).

In the past, seemingly minor details have fuelled speculation about Taylor’s prophetic talents, such as a perceived premonition of her romance with Travis Kelce in her very first album.

In the track Mary’s Song, she croons, “I’ll be 87, you’ll be 89,” which aficionados now link to Travis’ jersey number, 87, and their shared birth year, ’89.

“She even controls the weather! All hail Taylor Swift! ” exclaimed another admirer. Echoing the sentiment, a third added: “We love Taymother for doing this.”

Cascades of fans pleaded with their favourite artist to somehow turn up the heat as they endured the chilly weather at the concert.

Among the attendees, one remarked: “I’m here. It’s very cold,” while another implored: “Tell her to turn it up wtf we’re freezing in the stands. 19.89 would be great.”

The complaint was echoed by a third fan who added: “Girl it’s freezing tell her to make it warmer.”

Even the band Paramore couldn’t keep quiet about the frosty atmosphere, with lead singer Hayley Williams arrogantly expressing on Instagram: “F***ing goth summer. Wintertime in June. Got three layers on under this outfit… God does not want us to slay.”

Further concerns arose among fans regarding how the cold weather and precipitations might hinder the concert performance, including among those who were not present at the venue.

An intense downpour could abruptly end the show, despite Taylor’s known affinity for performing amidst rainfall.

One admirer from afar, impressed by the star’s resilience, wrote: “Idk how she does it! It’s too cold! I’d die after the first 20 minutes into it! Love her.”

Some fans getting ready to enjoy the concert from the comfort of their own homes were also worried that the persistent drizzle might compromise video quality.

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